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6 Surprising Ways You’re Ruining Your Garments

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Garment care tip by specialist

You’re wringing the water out of your swimsuits / yoga pants by twisting them.

This will ruin the elasticity in it and make it lose its shape. More often, you could see or feel the difference after few washes. Instead, lay the suit flat between towels, and press and roll the water out. Then lay it flat to finish drying.

You forget to fasten buttons, hooks, and zippers, or to turn your jeans inside out before tossing your clothes in the laundry.

Loose hooks will snag other clothing in the wash and cause pieces to stretch out. At Pressto – a garment care specialist, when receiving garment, your garments are carefully exam, evaluating its material and check for irregular stains, before entering cleaning department.

Did You Know #1

Velcro is the enemy to knits and other delicate fabrics, as it can easily grab and pull on fibers. Just one Velcro-caused rip or tear can make a clothing item unwearable, so take caution with garments like Velcro-fly ski pants, accessories like messenger bags, or baby bibs—be sure to fasten those before washing, and put in the laundry with items that won’t be affected if they come in contact with the Velcro.

You’re ironing delicate fabrics

Irons are way too harsh for most fabrics (like silk or fabrics with embellishments) and can leave marks if you’re not careful. Invest in a handheld steamer or try hanging the item in a super steamy bathroom for a few minutes. When laundering delicate like silk and beaded fabrics, gentle drying is a must. Heat can destroy gentle fabrics like the lace of your undergarments or the stretch in your swimsuit. Lay these items flat on a drying rack.

Did You Know #2

Many people believe that all silk fabrics should be dry-cleaned only, while others will tell you to wash silks at home. The question is, “Which method is correct?” The answer might surprise you – both are correct to some degree. As a garment care specialist, we demonstrate best method to handle your garments.

You’re folding your leather garments instead of hanging them.

This will create creases and wrinkles, which will be very difficult to get rid of because you should never iron or steam leather. To prevent the creases from forming, hang your pants with a clip hanger. Use business cards to protect the fabric from the grooves of the clips so they don’t leave marks.

Get smart about folding and hanging, and take the extra couple of seconds to fold trousers on the crease, or to secure the top button of a button-down shirt (this, according to Stylecaster, helps avoid collar creases).

You’re using wire hangers when you should be using felt.

Wire hangers aren’t supportive enough for heavier fabrics and will warp the shape of your clothes over time. Invest in felt hangers instead, which don’t leave little points in the shoulders of your shirts like wire hangers do, have enough grip to hang thin, silky fabrics, and are thinner than plastic so you can fit more in your closet.

Pressto as a garment care specialist, we use quality hangers every cleaned and pressed garment. You can return Pressto hangers for reward points.

You’re storing your clothes in the dry-clean plastic covers.

As soon as you get your dry-cleaning back, take your clothes out of the cover. Fabric needs to breathe, and the plastic can trap odours and humidity. Leaving freshly cleaned laundry in the flimsy plastic bag can cause yellowing, staining, mildew growth, and weakening of fibers.

The very best way to protect clothes in your closet from dust and abrasion and even the oil on our hands is a breathable zippered cotton storage bag. These bags allow air to transfer and prevent moisture build-up while keeping dust and insects out. The bags can then be tossed in the washer to remove dust and used over and over again.

Did You Know #3

Dry cleaning implies that there is no moisture present in your freshly cleaned clothes. But the term is a misnomer because there is some moisture in the chemicals involved in the cleaning of garments. And, almost all of the final pressing of garments involves using steam to remove wrinkles.

Pressto is world leader in dry cleaning service

Pressto has 18 locations in Klang valley, and it is part of a global franchise corporation originating from Spain. You can expect the same Pressto service in all 700+ outlets in 22 countries.

For over 14 years dry cleaning and garment care experiences in Kuala Lumpur, Pressto has established dry cleaning standard, that uses European technology and Pressto-brand specialty solutions in cleaning, pressing and caring your garments. Visit us or use a Pressto pick-up and delivery now.

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