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How To Preserve Your Wedding Dress

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Wedding Dress Malaysia

Read Pressto’s tips on how to preserve it well.

The wedding gown is the most expensive and probably the most memorable piece of clothing that some wear only once in their lifetime. Whether it be leaving it as an heirloom to be passed down for generation to generation or as an antique to be kept for memory purposes, it is only logical that we’ll try to preserve the wedding dress for as long as possible.

Cleaning it ASAP

One of the most important steps in preserving your wedding dress is having your dress dry cleaned by a professional cleaner within 1 or 2 days after the wedding day. This will help prevent stain, grease and soils from setting in and becoming permanent.

Besides that we also need to take to account stains that cannot be caught by the naked eye such as perspiration can damage the texture of your wedding dress. Besides that, you should do some research on the dry cleaner you’re going to and make sure they have “museum quality” cleaning and preservation tools and equipment. When going to the dry cleaner you have chosen, always remember to provide as much information as possible regarding your wedding dress such as stains, material and any attachments.

With those information, the professionals will be able to give your dress the best possible care. Pressto, world leader in dry cleaning are able to provide a hassle free pick-up and delivery service. Know more Pressto pick-up and delivery service here.

Storing & preserve your wedding dress

After having your dress cleaned by professionals dry cleaner, you should also store your dress correctly too. The dress should not be put on a hanger as it will stretch the dress over time, instead you should store the dress flat or folded in layers with acid-free tissues in between. You should also not store your dress in a plastic wrap or casing as the plastic will emit fumes that can cause your dress to yellow over time.

The temperature of the storage place is also important, make sure the place does not have large swings of humidity and temperature. If the surrounding is humid, the wetness can cause mold and mildew to grow over time which will be harmful to your dress.

Lighting of the area should also be considered as light tends to cause the dress to yellow. Therefore, it is recommended to keep your dress in a dark or dimly lit place. You can also consider investing in special museum preservation boxes offered by some dry cleaners or bridal studios to keep your wedding dress.

Lastly, do remember to take your dress out every couple of years to inspect its condition and allow the dress to breathe.

Pressto, World leader in dry cleaning

Pressto is one of the leading brand that provides dry cleaning services in Malaysia. Promising express delivery and quality handling, Pressto has been an iconic brand among local Malaysians in providing dry cleaning services.

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