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Should New Clothes Be “Washed And Then Worn”?

By July 6, 2021No Comments

My uncle owns a clothing manufacture company. He used to send me many new and trendy clothes. But I was shocked by the comments he made on our meeting over dinner the other day.

It was a raining day, my uncle gave me 2 long dresses from the new spring summer collection. I decided to put on one of the beautiful pink-orange flower print dress right away since it was still new, just out from manufacturer.

“Oh Liza, you must wash before wearing it!” Uncle whispered to me.

Should new clothes be “washed and then worn”?


Uncle told me that a chemical call Formaldehyde plays a big role in the clothing industry. Because it can be used to prevent mildew when transporting as well as minimize the presence of wrinkles. However, a notable number of consumers have reported experiencing headaches and sore throat when wearing new clothes without washing them.

I was shocked. I’m totally disturbed by his comment. And realizing how clothing with formaldehyde exposure can be  toxic. Why? Because these clothing make direct contact with our skin. Formaldehyde has been used for decades to achieve wrinkle-free clothing. Typically, it has been used on cotton fabric or cotton/polyester blends. More recently, fully synthetic fabrics or blends can also contain formaldehyde.

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Clothing items with excessive formaldehyde is harmful especially to children because of their sensitive skin. Constant contact with such clothing items will cause dermatitis and other similar skin conditions.

In this case, the best way to minimize formaldehyde exposure is to give your new clothes a quick spin in the washer to get rid of traces of the chemicals, or even wash out extra dye!

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