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So How Long Do Clothes Actually Last?

By July 6, 2021No Comments
How Long Your Black T-Shirt Lasts?

If you’ve asked yourself this question before, we are willing to bet it was when your black T shirt was starting to fade or when the buttons on your daily dress shirt fell off. What about your old clothes? Do you still wear that dress you got a year ago? Chances are you’ve gotten a few more since then.

In truth, many of us buy clothes without thinking of their durability or how long you’re going to wear it for over the course of years. When buying clothes we tend to buy items that we like seeing ourselves in, not items that last forever. Today, fashion changes so quickly, that clothing companies have to rotate their items according to the latest trends. These companies put their attention to advertising new clothes all the time. This in turn puts the general population in a position where they buy new clothes all the time in spite of having many already.

But let us say you’ve bought a new shirt or a new pair of jeans. Without considering the purchase of new attire, how long will they last?

T shirts

The best answer to this is – it depends. It depends on how often you wear it, the fabric it’s made out of, how many times you’ve washed it. But after all this you can expect the average t shirt to last maybe a year or two if you care for it. T shirts generally have the one of the shorter “lifespans” of your clothes inventory compared to pants and footwear as they go through the most wear, tear, and exposure. Want your T shirt to last longer? Check on what material it’s made out of and follow our previous articles guide to caring for your T shirt!

Dress shirts

Dress shirts usually last longer than T shirts as most people wear them less often. Good quality dress shirts can last years or even decades when properly cared for. Again, everything depends when it comes to lifespan; the material it’s made from, the quality, how often it’s worn and what not. Much damage to dress shirts would be due to perspiration or tearing as the shirts are not as stretchable as the average T shirt, but are more rigid.


The stuff covering the lower compartment of the body will last much longer than the ones covering the upper part. As an example, jeans last longer as they are made from denim, a really strong and durable material. Leg wear lasts longer usually because they are made from many more layers of material compared to the shirt. These will probably last about a year or more depending on frequency of use, causing wear and tear, whereas denim jeans can last you 2 years or more.

The fact is, clothes don’t last forever and that’s okay. Most of us would probably have bought something new a few months down the road anyways, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t care for them. With knowledge, they will last for a good period of time and will still look as good as new.

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