We all need clothes. It doesn’t matter if we have expensive taste or thrifty habits- our lives are all woven in some sort of textile. While we always shop by the design that first captured our hearts, we should also pay attention to the fiber content and how to clean it.

We wish to prolong the life of the garment by proper cleaning. Here, we compiled a list of commonly used fabric in clothing today.

Dry cleaning s highly recommended for this type though hand washing is doable. Silk shoulder never be dried in a dryer.

Most cotton fabrics are preshrunk as they are made from the fluffy fibers of the cotton plant. Machine wash in cold or warm with all-purpose detergent. Line-dry in shade.

This fabric is created from wood pulp treated with chemicals; cool and comfortable rayon is considered a semi synthetic fiber. When laundered, it may shrink, bleed, or lose its crispness. Dry-clean or hand-wash in cold with mild detergent. Air-dry. Iron it when slightly damp to get it back to shape.

It is woven from fibres of the flax plant, is sometimes treated with sizing, a finish that makes it crisp. It wrinkles very easily and requires ironing. Hand wash or dry clean in cold with mild detergent. If it’s machine washable, make sure to do it according to the label. Dry clean is best for this fabric.

Polyester, acrylic, and acetate are some examples of synthetics and won’t shrink and will resist water-based stains. Most produce static and may permanently wrinkle in hot-dryer, so dry on low. Machine-wash in warm with all-purpose detergent.

This elastic fiber is what makes clothing more comfortable for its added stretch. When washing, avoid hot water and avoid ironing if possible. Hang dry in shaded area to protect the elasticity.

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