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Pressto Recycle Unused Old Clothing

Checked the back of your closet lately? Are clothes you don’t use anymore stacking up and taking up space? Ask yourself why you don’t use them anymore. Maybe it’s because they don’t look as good as before or they could be ripped or damaged in one way or another. So they next question would be; what do I do with them.


Pressto Recycling Unused Old Clothes Decision


If this option made you sigh audibly then perhaps tailoring isn’t the profession for you. Nevertheless! Don’t skimp on the idea of DIY stuff just because it seems tiring or difficult. Get a sewing kit and some advice from grandma, then attempt to fix any damaged parts of your shirts or trousers. It is very easy to get material for this and tutorials are everywhere online, however it is tricky to get right the first time so be patient!

Go to a tailor

Feeling tired already? Perhaps the professionals can help. Send your old clothes for a “reconditioning” session at selected Pressto Outlet. You can ask for an estimated price for everything. A tip; ask our seamstress to fix one wearable and if you’re satisfied with workmanship, send in more later.

Transform them into something else

Slightly related to repairing the clothes yourself, you can have some fun repurposing your old clothes into random items for the household. Old T-shirts can be used to cover car seats, old sweaters can be sown together to form a quilt, and pieces of torn up clothes can be made into cute trinkets to be placed around the house!


Maybe you’re really out of options (or just plain lazy) and you want to get rid of your clothes ASAP. Be a saint and donate your old clothes to a local orphanage, old folks home or hand over to Pressto!


A unique alternative to donating clothes is recycling them! Many clothes companies now accept old clothes bought from their stores in exchange for cheaper prices of newer ones. At Pressto, we partner with a Malaysia local waste management, iCYCLE,  to collect your donating clothing for proper waste management.

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