If one of your goals is to get more sleep this year, you’re already half way through a healthy start. We spend a lot of time in our lives sleeping, so it’s important that your bed is clean and comfortable too. A clean and comfortable bedroom ensures a good night’s rest, which is important to be able to tackle the day’s demand and stress. But how do you create your peaceful oasis? Let’s count the ways –

Starting with the mattress- it should be flipped over or turn around head to toe every few months so that the weight will be evenly distributed. Alongside having better posture while sleeping, your body will get the intended full deep sleep it needs.

At Pressto, we will take the time to ensure your beddings are cleaned in the most thorough and environmentally friendly way, removing dust mites and other allergens. Large scale duvets, comforters, and sheets are washed and dried at appropriate heat in our industrial size machines.

It’s generally good practice to wash your sheets weekly to remove dirt and dust. We all love the feeling of freshly cleaned and crisp bed sheets! If you are storing the sheets away, it’s important that they are completely dry as trapped moisture can foster mildew growth.

Covers will protect pillows from hair and body oil which can soak into the fillings, prompting more germs and allergies. Cosmetics, face/body lotions and body oil are the main causes of discolorations.

Most pillows can be washed in the machine and should be laundered every 3 to 6 months to remove mold and bacteria. Airing it in sunshine is also good to further release any bad odours.

If you’re waking up with a sore neck or back pain, it may be time to change your pillows.

Comforter/ blanket
Comforter covers and blankets shoulder be washed weekly. If your covers are too large for home washing, you can opt for professional cleaners.

We believe in the best night’s sleep possible. Head over to your nearest Pressto for a reliable and thorough clean your bedding deserves. Sweet dreams!

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