If you’re staying alone or with a family, there’s no doubt that you’ll slowly accumulate some home furnishings to make your house more comfortable.

From the time we plop down on the coach, to grabbing a drink and taking a long bath, our lives are woven with textile. It isn’t surprising that we end up having multiple cushion covers, duvets, napkins, pillow cases (and etc) to rotate on a weekly or monthly basis.

Left unchecked, our linen collection will get out of control, so let’s crave out some time to organize and purge.

Remove everything

Remove everything from the cupboard and drawers and place everything on the table or open space.

Wipe down the drawers with a cleaning agent to get rid of mildew and dusts.

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Now it’s time to sort through one by one to which stays, donated or turn into rags. This is where we need to have some self-restrain and be ruthless, else we will continue to have the same amount of clutter. Check everything for stains, rips, or anything that is difficult to mend. There are tip for removing stains at home. We know it’s equally important that our customers are informed in the many ways to remove everyday stains.

Launder the ones to keep

Once we got through the piles, it’s time to lend a little TLC to the ones we’re keeping. In order for the colours to remain fresh, separate and wash by colour.

You can iron before folding for a neat appearance. Be sure to allow some time in between iron and fold to properly air them.

Fold and organize

Now we can store everything nicely folded back into the cupboard. Being able to see everything would ensure they all get their share of being used from time to time. You can arrange by type or size for easy storing.

For added safety place a few cedar blocks to ward off pests. To avoid mildew, place a container with charcoal inside.

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