No garment is too difficult for us

We can clean the most delicate garment from wedding gown,
sequins gowns, lingerie, silk, wool, leather and much more.

“In-Store Boutique” cleaning concept

All machines and cleaning processes happen inside our store. Thus, we are able to process faster and provide the finishing touch to the garments according to our customers’ preference.



We know that people today live a fast lifestyle and services must adapt to society’s needs. We make it possible for our customers’ garments to be ready on the same day. (only applicable at Pressto Bangsar, Sungai Besi, Desa Sri Hartamas, Solaris Mont Kiara and Subang SS15 with terms & conditions applied)

Stains happen and when they do, make sure you send your valuable garments to Pressto as fast as possible. The faster the stains are treated, the higher the chance for the stains to be removed.

Pressto specialises in stain removal. We pride ourselves for being the only dry cleaning specialist that carries out double treatment of stains process which gives us an edge over the rest of the dry cleaners. After first meticulously ascertaining the cause of the stain, our skilled specialist carries out thorough stain removal process with specific spotting agents inside a stain removal cabinet.

All our stain removal specialists know when a stain can be safely removed and how best to do it. They are professional trained by our experts in Spain to handle different kind of stains.

Antibacterial Hygienic Cleaning

Pressto is the only dry cleaner in the world which cleans its solvent after each wash cycle to ensure your garments are truly clean and hygienic.

We also use an exclusive vacuum cleansing system that guarantees hygienic treatment for your garments. This garment cleaning process involves ultra-efficient germ-killing treatment using vacuum cleaning method with special detergents.

Once a garment has been cleaned and pressed, it is bagged as part of our complete hygiene processes.

Pressto uses high-tech mannequin and ironing board (with suction, air release and steam) to give your valuable garments a wrinkle-free look always. We use different high-tech pressing techniques depending on the types of garment and fabric.

Generally for shirts, jackets, jumpers and coats, the high-tech mannequin is used to recover the original shape without damaging the garment and fabric. It uses dry steam to remove creases to facilitate subsequent pressing. Our mannequin is exclusive to Pressto and specially designed by our engineers in Spain.

Other garments such as trousers, skirts and dresses, steam pressing using a high-tech ironing board is used to preserve and shape the garment. Our steam iron has a teflon base to prevent shine; and electronic steam control to prevent water stains. This process also includes rustproofing agents for pressing zip fasteners.

Quality Control

We believe that quality is above everything. Quality control is carried out at each stage of the cleaning process.

The moment a garment is handed over at the counter, it is carefully inspected for stains and irregularities. Thereafter, our specialists meticulously identify stains on each piece of garment, which are then subject to a double treatment of stains. This is followed by dry cleaning and pressing. At each stage, our well-trained staffs check the quality of the previous stage before releasing it to the next stage. The final inspection takes place prior to bagging to ensure that we return the garment to you in pristine condition.

Responding to the needs of our customers, we expanded our services to provide a comprehensive range of services to our valued customers at each outlet:

  • Pressto – Quality express dry cleaning
  • Pressto – Quality express repairs and alterations
  • Complete curtain cleaning service (free consultation, pick up, dismantling, delivery and installation)
  • Intensive carpets and rugs cleaning
  • Specialised leather treatment

At Pressto, we use ecological friendly dry cleaning and laundry equipment with leading edge technology to deliver the best quality service.

Our dry cleaning machine is computer programmed for cleaning different types of garment and fabric. It uses a close circuit (where the cleaning solvent that has been used for washing will be distilled or recycled for the next wash), activated carbon filters and chilled solvent.

Our stain removal cabinet utilises white and ultra violet light as well as the latest ultra sound technology for revealing invisible stains and delicate fabric stain removal.

Our drying machine is designed with a smooth drum to prevent marking and deforming of garments and fabrics.

Our mannequin which is used for pressing can restore the original shape of the garments without damaging the fabric.

Our commitment to excellence kept us redefining our techniques and updating our equipment to exceed our customer’s expectations.

At Pressto, we are constantly improving our machinery and reviewing cleaning process to ensure continuous enhancement in our dry cleaning and laundering technologies and quality. Our Research & Development department collaborates with a number of world-class fabric manufacturers to develop the best techniques for cleaning and conserving fabrics and garments.

Research & Development
Trained Staff

We believe in investing in our employees as they are our most important asset.

Every staff who works for Pressto undergoes a comprehensive training programme in garment care to ensure that the best quality service will be provided to our customer. We select our most capable store managers and sent them for extensive training at Pressto’s facility in Spain. Our staffs’ qualifications and years of experience are unparalleled.

In addition, our master trainers from Spain, one of the most experienced dry cleaning and garment care specialists in the world, conduct regular visits to our outlets for periodic refresher course. Hence, our trained staffs in each outlet will always keep abreast with the latest dry cleaning knowledge and know-how.

Pressto is one of the world’s few ecological friendly dry cleaners.

We use ecological friendly dry cleaning machine which are designed by our engineers using leading edge technology. Our close circuit dry cleaning machine enables the cleaning solvent that has been used for washing to be transferred to a distillation tank where it will be distilled or recycled for next wash — thus avoiding emissions of any cleaning solvent to the environment.

In addition, the cleaning products and detergent we use are non-toxic, biodegradable and also comply with the main international standards.

Environmental Friendly