The bath towel is one of the most underrated toiletries as the absorbent tool that can come in different textures according to your preference. Not many people think about the type of towel that they get and the various feelings that different materials can provide. To make it easier to search for what you may be looking for, here are the three most common types of towels that you should definitely know about!

Microfiber Bath Towels
These types of bath towels are new to the market as they are made from a blend of polyester and polyamide fiber. This allows it to be perfect for the job of picking up dirt, dry skin, makeup, and oils without needing any chemicals to do so. Besides being incredibly soft, they are also very compact, portable, and easy to clean!

Cotton Towels
These are the most common types of towels that you can find in every home. They are highly absorbent and the most common way to end a luxurious bath. These towels are extremely durable and can be washed and bleached multiple times whilst still maintaining its absorbency. However, once they are wet they become heavy and will take a long time to dry.

These towels made of 100% bamboo can also come in a bamboo/cotton blend to increase its quality. They often have an antibacterial property that many people look for and are renowned for its soft fluffy texture. This eco-friendly option is known to get softer over time whilst still maintaining its durability.

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