How we keep track of your orders

Have you wondered how we keep track of all the garments that pass through our doors?
As our long standing promise to our customers, we do treat each garments as if our own and all are processed individually. This ensures great service quality and efficient delivery.

With thousands of garments passing through our door daily for dry cleaning, it can seem impossible to track it all.
Today we’re going to take you on a tour! Come see how things are run here at Pressto Malaysia.

We collect your garments at drop-off and immediately tag every piece with waterproof labels.
We affix the labels carefully and in hidden areas so your garments will not be damaged. The labels also tell us when it is due for collection and if we need to rush it for special requests.

Your garment then passes through a thorough stain check, and we will try to remove any stain at this point.
We have an in-house method for removing stains, however not all stains are guaranteed removable. This is all done by hand, by our specially trained staff.

Then off it goes into the wet or dry-cleaning machine.
We split the loads by similar colour groups to further fool-proof colour bleeding. Did you know dry cleaning is still wet?

Upon drying, we will need to air the garments first before it’s whisked off for pressing.
Airing the garments give the fabric time to relax and stabilize. This is especially true to rayon which is notorious for shrinkage and some cotton as well.

Here, your garment receives a good pressing to look neat and presentable.
If you’re not too keen on ironing, this is a time (and mind) saver! Your dress shirts will be looking sharp and crisp, just like the day you first brought it home.

After pressing, we will wrap your garment in our plastic sleeve to protect it while in short storage.
This is especially important for beaded or light coloured pieces. The plastic sheet will ensure your garment is adequately protected from multiple handling.

We have a method of arranging and sorting, where your garments will be ready for your pick-up.
This is where we cross check and make sure none of your dropped-off pieces are missing. Once we grouped them together, they are ready for your collection.

And that’s it- hope you’ve enjoy this virtual tour! Dropping your garments off at Pressto is easy and we’ll take care of the rest.

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