What is wet cleaning?

What is wet cleaning In our previous article, we talked about dry cleaning and its origins. Here, lets understand what is it and the process of wet cleaning. Difference between household and professional wet cleaning Like a normal washing machine, professional wet...

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Doing laundry during rainy days The rainy season is back again and messes up our laundry routine it does. It ruins our drying schedule, high humidity and moisture in the air which causes molding or making our garment smell bad due to being wet for too...

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Why does jeans use metal zippers?

Why does jeans use metal zippers? Both jeans and zippers were created a long time ago and both have benefited humanity for a long time. Jeans orginally made with denim now come with a variety of shapes, sizes and colors have been a fashion trend among...

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Everything you should know about your clothing materials

How To Care For Each Of Them?As often as all of us wear clothes every day, have we actually taken a look at what they were made of? Sure, we may have looked at the tag once before buying it and may have seen that it was cotton or polyester or some weird...

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Culture and clothing – South Americas

Perhaps not as well covered as their northern counterparts, the South American continent is home to extremely diverse and rich cultures. They have Spanish, Indigenous and African influences due to migration patterns over the last few centuries;...

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Culture and Clothing- Europe

Europe, possibly one of the most culturally rich regions on Earth, possesses an eclectic mix of cultural clothes that derives from a multitude of cultures. Over the years, this region has seen many conflicts, migrations and influences; which eventually led...

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Culture and clothing – Africa

With their bright colours and unique patterns, clothing from the African continent are easily recognisable by many. The patterns and style of clothing differs greatly from region to region, bringing about a comfortable, casual style that is quickly...

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How to care and wash your different type of clothes

With the vast amount of clothes you have stored in your wardrobe, do you know how to care for each one of them? It’s also not such a good idea to just dump everything in the washing machine and be done with it if that’s what you do…Your range of different...

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5 things you can do to your old unused clothes

What Can You Do? Checked the back of your closet lately? Are clothes you don’t use anymore stacking up and taking up space? Ask yourself why you don’t use them anymore. Maybe it’s because they don’t look as good as before or they could be ripped or damaged in one way...

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Evolution of bags

Bags are probably one of the most essential pieces we have in our life. Without them, we wouldn’t know where to keep most of our stuff, let alone take them with us. However, they weren’t always this way, and it took a few centuries before they eventually formed the...

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