We all love to host simple dinners parties, it’s a great way to bring people together. One of the ways to always have fun is to set a table with coordinating colours and theme. The not so fun part?

The clean up afterwards! The type of fabric you end up buying can either make cleaning up easier or harder- so which ones to get? We have compiled simple tips on fabric types and ways to clean them.

A simple and easy to care for fabric, polyester is tough enough to be machine washed in water.
Steam iron is recommended as hot iron can permanently warp or even destroy the fabric.

Satin is a more delicate fabric and prone to snags. Stain removal are more difficult with this type of fabric. We highly suggest to bring in this type of fabric to us for a professional clean.

Lace is equally a delicate fabric and hand washing is highly recommended. There are different lace fabrics in the market now- from full cotton, blended or polyester. Polyester lace would be easier to care for, but food stains that soak in too long will permanently stain it.

Linen is a top choice for a lot of people for a natural look but it is very prone to wrinkles. Handwashing this soft material is recommended.

For any large jobs, difficult cleaning, or delicate fabrics, it’s best to bring your linens our way.

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