Looking your best at work or gatherings not only boosts your confidence, but shows that you care about taking care of your well-being as well. The most basic is turning up for work in neatly pressed shirt and trousers or a flattering dress. Having spent a lot on work clothes, you’ll no doubt want to keep them looking sharp for many more wears.

We’ve compiled a few tips to have in mind to further prolong your work shirts.

  • Promptly clean your shirts after wearing as sweat, deodorant residue or perfume oils can permanently stain your shirts if kept too long.
  • Use iron at the correct heat setting to iron out wrinkles but at the same time not cause any damage to the fabric.
  • Cotton fabric needs to breathe, so always remove any plastic sheeting that came from the dry cleaners.
  • If you feel the buttons are getting loose, simple reinforcement of thread will ensure all buttons will be intact.
  • Rotating your dress shirts will also prolong its wear due to infrequent washing.

At Pressto, rest assured that your shirts go through spot stain removal, eco-friendly washing using our professional grade cleaners, and starching to maintain the same crispness as you first brought it home. Now you no longer have to worry about ironing your shirt perfectly anymore- just Pressto it!

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