Being in a tropical country we, Malaysians are very blessed with the sun all year round. We could dress lightly and comfortably all the time. However, there are times we wish to explore colder temperatures too. How would we know which knit to buy or how do we store them well from infrequent use?

Known as a man-made fiber, acrylic lends a surprising good warmth during cold months. As it is a man-made textile, it is very easy to care for as well.

Derived from sheep hair, wool is spun into wool threads, and can be found in many sweaters, skirts, dresses or pants. Unfortunately, piling is a very common problem with wool garments.

For folks of finer tastes, cashmere sits on top of the list as the most comfortable and soft. As cashmere is finely knitted, you can layer up without looking bulky but still retain excellent warmth.

Safely store

  • Before storing anything away, be sure to dry clean or thoroughly clean your garments. This is to ensure we get rid of any stains, sweat or odour. If we do not, we risk our garments developing holes from insects that were feasting during storage time.
  • Replace mothball with cedar blocks or lavender sachet instead.
  • Store in a dry, dark, clean, cool but well-ventilated area.

Come to Pressto for a thorough cleaning of your winter wear or knits, whether to store it properly till your next trip abroad or if you need an express next-day cleaning.

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