Guide to CNY fashion by 6 local designers 2020

Guide to CNY fashion by 6 local designers 2020

Tradition and Culture of Malaysian Chinese New Year During Chinese new year, this side of new clothes with Chinese traditional element is a little lost on the younger generations. But it’s a sign that the current standard of living is higher than before, and the great...
How to remove underarm stains

How to remove underarm stains

 hassAfter a several wears, don’t be too surprised if you see a yellow stain under your pits on your nice white shirt. Asking yourself “Why did this happen?” Have you ever wondered how to remove underarm stains? Read our Pressto tips to find out! The answer is,...

Top loader vs Front loader washing machines

If your washing machine just broke down or you’ve just moved in to a new place you’re probably in the market for a new washing machine. In this article, we’ll guide you through the advantages and disadvantages of each type of washing machine and let you decide which...

5 Reasons You Should Go for Dry Cleaning

Some who fully understands the benefits of dry cleaning, knows it’s not just an option but a necessity. Dry cleaning offers benefits that you can’t ever get from cleaning at home. Although not all garment requires dry cleaning, but proper care of the items that do is...

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