Some of you might remember the clothes you wore back in the 1980s. It was the time period where “less is more” was a term least understood; instead, it was all about colours, size and experimentation. Unisex clothing and big hair dominated the fashion trend, as well as bright, pastel-coloured accessories and even makeup! To guide you along your walk down memory lane, we have put together some of the more iconic looks that were prevalent back in the 1980s.

Mood lipsticks were all the rage back then. If you were in high school then, you would have remembered girls checking out each other’s lipsticks to see which mood they were in. It was a fun activity that impressed many of us, and are still considered a rather interesting novelty item today!

In addition, coloured mascara were the choice to go for for many women. Blue was often the most popular

choice, and many women, tv personalities and bands would be seen sporting this colour. This was a time where the saying “the brighter, the bolder, the better” was truly embodied in the spirit of the 1980s.

Everything was bigger (but not necessarily better) back in the 1980s, including hair! Perms, teased hair and crimped hair were the fashion trends of the decade, and were possibly large enough to lug your personal items around with.

For guys, 2 iconic looks stood out in this decade. These were non other than the rat-tail and the mullet. The rat-tail was literally what it sounded like; it showed of a style that was unkempt and untidy, and should just remain in the 1980s. The mullet however, is possibly a

little bit more digestible with a longer flowy back and trimmed top, and is still a look worn by some today.
Fanny pack

Either you or your parents would have carried this around at some point in time. Also known as a waist bag or the belt bag, it was THE bag to go to when it came to convenience. These were small enough to be carried around easily, but big enough to carry your stuff around if you didn’t have pockets. No space for your wallet, keys, gum and mint? Simply put them in a fanny pack and you are ready to go!

If you never grew out of the fanny pack, we have some great news! It has recently started making a comeback in 2017, so now it is back with more style, and better yet, convenience.
Parachute pants

Contrary to what you thought, these pants were tight, shiny pants made of synthetic material used to make parachutes. Originally created for break dancers who needed pants to stand up to the intensity of break dancing, they became widely popular in both boys and girls by providing an alternative to a more hippy and trendy look.

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