We ladies sure love to shop! We love how clothing can transform our mood and confidence so we start to amass a large collection by accident. Since our clothing became an investment, we wish to care for it well to ensure it lasts for many years to come. Proper cleaning and storing plays a major part in preserving them in a great condition.

Clean the clothes before storage time
All garments need to be in clean condition prior to storing to insure any waste residue do not end up passing dirt to your other precious clothing.

Choose appropriate place as storage
Believe it or not, but clothing can still discolour in dark closets! Choosing a good place to store your garments will minimize damages. Good spots to store include a well-ventilated area, low humidity and out of the sun’s ray.

Never mix cleaned and uncleaned
Any soil clothing should be cleaned before storing with other garments.

Know which to hang or fold
Garments which are sturdier in make can withstand hanging in a closet for long periods of time. Knits and finely woven pieces need to be folded to avoid sagging or distortion of shape.

Remove all plastic bags from clothing
Plastic coverings should be removed totally as trapped air is a breeding ground for mildew and bacteria. This is especially true for your newly dry cleaned garments- the plastic sheet needs to be removed once you safely brought them home.

Look for cedar blocks
Looking for a chic alternative to moth balls?
Grab some cedar blocks to ward off moths and other pests. They smell better and just as effective!

Happy organizing!

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