For Our First CSR Programme

We all can remember our favourite soft toy- it was our very first friend. Conversations were real, we went everywhere side by side and even had sweet dreams together at night. A soft toy can never be underestimated for the amount of emotional refuge they gave us. For lovers of soft toys, having an entire army of cuddlies are not uncommon. Nothing was too strange or big or small for us. Our collection will slowly grow and after many years of collecting- an edit would be necessary. Instead of throwing them away, why not give them a second chance to meet new owners?
Pressto is calling out for pre-loved soft toys to be given to the Down Syndrome Foundation of Kiwanis Klang. This is our very first CSR campaign in partnership to actively give back to the community, specifically to the marginalized children with Down Syndrome.

Championing children with Down Syndrome, Kiwanis of Klang will be the main benefactor of your soft toys. Kiwanis has the main focus of providing education to these young children and we’re most pleased to be part of this donation effort. (If you’re interested to give a cash donation instead, please refer to their website for more details)

You may drop off your soft toys at any of the Pressto outlets at your convenience and we will professionally clean and groom them before they meet their new owners. If you’ve always wanted to pass on your pre-loved soft toys, now is the perfect time to get involved!

Drop off >> Collect 50% voucher >> Your soft toy donation gets cleaned and passed to Kiwanis

You may drop off your soft toys at any Pressto outlet near you.
Give one bear, get 50% off your next soft toy cleaning.
Donation drive is from mid April- 19 October 2018.

Help give a child something to remember fondly about.
See you at Pressto!

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We are community-focused and give back to causes and sponsorship programs that help us live in an inclusive environment.

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