Ever faced the problem of choosing between dry or wet cleaning? Unsure of what it means? Fear not, as we are here to help you navigate what they are, and how you can utilise them to suit your needs!
Contrary to what you may think, dry cleaning does not refer to a dry method of cleaning clothes. Instead, it refers to a form of cleaning that uses a chemical solvent other than water to clean; hence why it is called “dry cleaning”. The clothes are basically soaked in the solvent and cleaned without the use of water. Usually, this is done professionally by laundromats, where they commonly use perchloroethylene, or PERC, to clean the clothes. Alternatively, they could also use trichloroethane or petroleum spirits as a solvent to clean your clothes.
However, these chemicals could be potentially harmful to the environment, which is why many places now opt for greener methods to do this, such as liquefied carbon dioxide.

So why bother with using dry cleaning to clean? Well, these methods are particularly useful when it comes to cleaning garments or clothing that would easily disintegrate in water, or clothing that cannot withstand the tumble and roughness that comes with a washing machine or dryer. Furthermore, it cuts out the labour-intensive mode of hand-washing, which is definitely a plus point for people with busy lives.

On the other hand, you also get wet cleaning. Now, wet cleaning is perhaps a little bit more familiar; it is essentially professional cleaning that avoids the use of chemical solvents. The entire process is somewhat similar to how you would do laundry at home; the true difference lies in the way they handle and professionally clean your clothes, especially delicate ones that are unable to withstand a washing machine. Compared to dry cleaning, they are also more environmentally friendly, thanks to the sensitive machinery and specialised detergents and conditioners
that are more biodegradable. If you are more environmentally friendly, wet cleaning offers a safer, equally effective method of cleaning clothing that requires special care and attention.

Getting your clothes professionally cleaned is no big deal, especially if you aren’t sure of how to treat them. Therefore, be sure to utilise the services of a laundromat if you are ever in need of laundry help; they will definitely be of great service to you!

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