With the mass production of ready-to-wear fashion, we are at the height of choices today. We have the most choices in life than any other generations before us. Whether it be luxury or not, one thing is clear- all of our bodies are as unique as us. By buying off the peg at stores, alterations might be needed for a more personalized fit.

Buying off the rack is very convenient but there are times where we fall in love with something that might be a tad too long or big. But we still have to have it, right? You can now buy more confidently, knowing that there are some possible fixes. Take in the sleeves here or hem there- these small alterations will make the overall look much better.

Did you know Pressto offers alteration services through our division “PressToke”?

“ PressToke is designed to complement Pressto’s quality express dry cleaning service.
The cleaning and repairing of garments are combined in order to offer you a complete
service in our outlet for your convenience. PressToke makes everything imaginable possible with your clothing.”

Sometimes there’s even a favourite dress or jacket that we absolutely treasure, but a damaged zipper or lining prevent us from wearing it. We believe in feeling good inside and out, so don’t hesitate to bring your favourite garments in for their repair as well.

You can drop in at any Presstoke location listed below with your requests, and we’ll have your garments ready within the stated time frame. It’s very easy and we take pride in delivering quality alterations and repair in the most efficient way.

Just Presstoke with us- we’re the trusted dry cleaners in the whole Klang Valley.

Pressto Asia Malaysia

We continue to provide the best laundry and dry cleaning service in KL, Malaysia. We look forward to serving you and your family!




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