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Chocolate stains are the worst. But fret not! Learn how to get chocolate out of your clothes and carpet. These tips for removing chocolate stains will have you clean and happy soon.

How do you get chocolate out of clothes at work?

If you drop your chocolate doughnut on your blouse, you might be tempted to rush into the bathroom and scrub it with hot water and paper towels. However, both of these actions will only make it worse. The hot water will encourage the discoloration to sink into your fabric, and the shallow scrubbing will just spread the stain around the fibers.


Your best bet for removing chocolate stains at work is to rinse the dark patch with cold water. You don’t have to soak your entire blouse in the sink, but you should remove the shirt and run the stained portion under the faucet to make sure that you’re thoroughly rinsing it.

When you’re done, don’t use any kind of blow dryer or hand dryer on it. Heat is the enemy. It might feel uncomfortable to wear a damp shirt at your desk, but air drying is the way to go. This will be the test to determine if your stain has come out. If it hasn’t, contact us. We will give you a good advice.

How do you get chocolate out of clothes at work?

The bad news is that dried chocolate can really sink into the fibers of a carpet, especially if people have been walking on it. The good news is that a nylon carpet isn’t nearly as delicate as a silk shawl, so you can use heavy-duty stain removers to attack it with abandon. The trick to cleaning chocolate out of a carpet is to do everything in stages. Don’t expect a 10 minutes magical!

  • Treat your carpet with a combination of cold water and stain remover.
  • Let it sit for a few minutes, and scrub it down with a cloth or brush using circular motions. Let it sit for another few minutes.
  • Assuming that the stain isn’t gone, apply more stain remover and start the process all over again.
  • Getting chocolate out of your carpet will definitely require patience. Seek our professional carpet wash advise if you need.

If it’s a cup of hot chocolate that has spilt, blot up as much excess as possible so that the milk doesn’t sour and start to smell. Blot the stain with a damp sponge with a few drops of dish washing liquid. And dab gently until the stain is removed. Sponge with clean water to rinse, and pat dry.

How do you get chocolate out of clothes at work?

It depends on the dry cleaners. They tend to use stronger chemicals than the kind that you can find at the grocery store, and this could be good or bad for you. A lot will depend on the material type of your clothes and the severity of the chocolate stains on them. Seek professional advice is a good move. Visit us outlets.

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