Have you ever wondered how much of free time you really have in a week? 3 hours? 2 hours? After deducting the time needed to get your personal issues sorted, how much is solely yours to do whatever you want?

Time Management

At Pressto, we are big fans of free time. We believe you deserve more of it as well. If there’s anything (within our budget) to outsource some work, we’ll gladly do it as time is so precious.

We will order groceries online- saving us time spent wandering around aisles and lugging things home, or hiring home cleaners to help our aging parents, or taking care young children. This will free up time for an extra hour of sleep, or exercise! What about handling laundry service?

Laundry Service

Laundry and ironing takes up a lot of time, and little by little these minutes and hours add up. It’s no wonder why many rely on us to deliver reliable and express laundry service to free up their time for more fun. That’s more time to slowly sip your coffee, check out the latest movie, have a great talk with a friend without rushing, cook a healthy meal from scratch, or spend more time in your hobby.

Besides, ironing your shirts perfectly is what makes us the professionals laundry service at what we do. Choose from normal pressing or adding starch for the perfect finish. You might even ruining your garment when you’re doing cleaning and ironing at home. 

Imagine if we get more assisted help, that will free up multiple blocks of time- where do we sign up! What would you do if you have an extra hour in a week? 🙂

Pressto is world leader in dry cleaning and laundry service

For over 14 years dry cleaning and garment care experiences in Kuala Lumpur, Pressto has established dry cleaning standard, that uses European technology and Pressto-brand specialty solutions in cleaning, pressing and caring your garments. Visit us or use a Pressto pick-up and delivery now.

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We continue to provide the best laundry and dry cleaning service in KL, Malaysia. We look forward to serving you and your family!




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