It’s wedding season, and you know what that means…Gorgeous and beautifully beaded dresses! If you’re a magpie like us, you’ll no doubt have a couple of embellished dresses or tops in your wardrobe to glam the day up.

The not-so-fun part? The cleaning afterwards. Although a show stopper, it can be very difficult to keep clean or to protect the delicate beading. How do we clean or take care of it?

Take a closer look at how the embellishments are attached to the garment- is it sewn on or glued?

If it’s sewn on, you need to scan through for any loose or broken thread that needs to be mended before wash. If it’s glued on, test in warm water to make sure the glue doesn’t break down in the wash. If you’re not confident with washing it yourself, bring it to the dry cleaner’s.

Hand or machine?
Machine would be too harsh on the embellishments, so handwashing is always recommended. Just fill a basin with warm or cold water, add detergent and mix, then gently submerge and swirl the garment. Rinse thoroughly for a clean wash.

Most stones and embellishments can withstand heat but sequins are more tricky as heat can curl them up.

Steam iron at a safe distance would be recommended or for more safety, turn the garment inside out and steam iron on the reverse side instead.

Hanging your embellished garments could distort the shape, so folding them down is always better.

Too many embellishment? Not confident to tackle it?

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