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How to Disinfect and Clean Your Phone

Keep coronavirus off your phone: How to disinfect your device without damaging it

Disinfectant wipes won’t damage your phone’s screen, but there are household chemicals you need to avoid when cleaning your phone.

You use your phone for several hours a day, including when you’re checking your shopping list at the store. And studies have found the novel coronavirus may be able to survive on some surfaces for up to and maybe even longer than nine days, and that includes your beloved phone. Any bacteria, virus or other germ that makes its way onto your phone or case could easily transfer to your skin.

The good news is that disinfecting your electronic device has officially become easier. Apple says on its website that you can safely clean your iPhone with disinfectant wipes, like Clorox sheets. Samsung added to its website you can use an alcohol-based solution (70%) and apply it to your phone with a microfiber cloth.

Here are 2 practical tips you can use to help.


Disinfect your phone – Wipes, not pure alcohol

Chemical of alcohol can strip the coatings that keep oil and water from damaging your display and other ports. In the past, we were instructed to not use disinfectant wipes on our phone screens, but now Apple says it’s OK to use Clorox Wipes and others with similar concentrations.

Samsung has also recently said you can create an alcohol-based solution of 70% ethanol or isopropyl alcohol, applied with a microfiber cloth or soft lint-free cloth.


Things you should never use to clean your phone


Window cleaner

Using harsh cleaners can strip the coating and could leave your phone more vulnerable to scratches.

Paper towels/ Tissue paper

It doesn’t kill bacteria, virus or other germs. Furthermore, paper towels can even end up leaving scratches on your screen.

Rubbing alcohol

Since many newer phones have a protective coating, rubbing alcohol can wear it away quicker over time, causing your phone to be more prone to scratches!

Dish soap or hand soap

The only way to use them is to combine them with water. Don’t make it messy! Most phone companies suggest to keep water and moisture away from your phone, so stick to a damp cloth!


You don’t want your beloved phone to smell like… No. Stay away from vinegar, green tea or other natural source which claim its work on disinfect your phone!

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