Now is the perfect time to address those all-important cleaning tasks we tend to put off, and the one top of our minds is the dreaded wardrobe sort out. With the country currently on lockdown, never have we had a better excuse to start edifying ourselves.

The truth is that cluttered storage will always make you feel much more stressed and anxious. The more unnecessary items you have, the more decisions you ultimately have to make and as we’re already pretty overwhelmed, a messy wardrobe is essentially an extra problem which no one needs right now. So, lets start step by step.

1. Make sure the space you’re working in is neat

It’s essential that the space you’re working in is clear and de-cluttered before you start, because it can get very messy very quickly while you’re decluttering.

2. Create categories

If you pull every single item out of your wardrobe, you’ll be left with a huge number of things to deal with and a longer period of clutter as the task is likely to take more than a day. This will cause you to get overwhelmed and bored. Do a basic categorisation: T-shirts, trousers, suits, shoes, underwear, accessories… or categorise it as keep, recycle, modify, dry-clean, donate…

3. Start with the area you want to declutter most

It’s a great idea to have a free rail outside your wardrobe for sorting things out – this will allow you to move things around really easily without just creating piles of mess everywhere. You can’t remember which bits you want out, but if it’s hanging, you can just select.

4.  When deliberating about an item, always follow your gut

I immediately follow my gut in thinking that something may be too short, not of interest, or, just simply, it’s unworn. If you haven’t worn something for a substantial period, it likely isn’t as sentimental anymore, so that means it’s time to let go.

5. Remember, less is more

It’s important for people to know that mentally, cutting down on decision-making is a really vital factor that is often missed.

6. Put things back in an organised manner

Learn to fold – even if it’s basic – because the more you do it, the less time it takes and you’ll naturally start to put things away in a folded state. It’s quite a mindfulness practice.

7. Think about long-term storage

A brilliant idea to consider! Think of things like seasonal clothes or maybe for categories of beachwear or skiwear that only come out once a year. You don’t need them taking up space in your essential wardrobe, so create a holiday box to store it away until you need it.

This tip is published in GQ British.

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