If you’re someone who barely washes your pillowcase, you may notice that your pillow has now adopted a musky, disgusting stench that you absolutely cannot mask with a clean pillowcase. Either that or your pillow is incredibly old. In the case that this happens, below are a few steps that can help you with your odor-filled pillow.

Air your pillow
Usually, faint stenches can be easily rid of with a light airing. Fluff them, dust them, then hang them outside on a bright day. If you have no access to good weather, throw them in the dryer on a no-heat cycle.

Wash them
Washing your pillows shouldn’t be done often as it can reduce it’s lifespan and durability. However, doing so twice a year should be done to remove the dirt, skin flakes, and dust that may have nestled itself in the crevices of your pillow. Run a load on lukewarm water and wash 2 pillows at the same time on gentle.

Dry them properly
Nothing will damage your pillow more than mold and mildew if not dried properly. Sun dry them on very hot and bright days or place them in the dryer on auto-dry.

Know when to toss them
When your pillow becomes unsaveable, it’s time to toss them and get a new one. This will not only be better for your respiratory system, but also your sinuses if you do have them.

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