Have you ever faced the dilemma of not knowing what to do with your old clothes? Chances are, you would have thrown them away to make room for newer clothes, hence ending the life-cycle of your clothes. To prolong the life cycle of your clothing, you could instead opt to repurpose them, thus breathing in new life to their original uses. For instance, instead of throwing out your old T-shirts, you could easily remake them into trendy shirts or covers that is sure to impress. Sewing skills would definitely be a plus in this as you can stitch them up into shapes and designs that you need.

If you are still lacking in ideas about how to kickstart your process in repurposing your clothes, fear not! We have included a list of simple ideas below that you could try out at home.

Make them into a produce bag
Have an unwanted T-shirt that you don’t want? Fear not, as you could easily make them into a trendy produce bag for all your produce! Simply make a couple of snips and stitch your old T-shirt into a bag, and you got yourself a recyclable bag.

Sweater pillow
If you have a sweater with fraying edges, you could turn them into this very cool and comfortable sweater pillow. Just stitch up the torso into a cover for any couch pillow you have to make it super cuddly and comfortable.

Striped pajamas
If you have kids, this would be the perfect idea for you to try. You can turn any neglected oversized T-shirt you have into a pair of soft pajama shorts for them with a few stitches. Definitely a unique and great way to remodel your old clothing!

Alternatively, if you have an old sweater no one wants to wear, you could easily repurpose them into mittens. Use the sleeve ends as the base for your mittens, and sew them into the sizes you want. This is a guaranteed way to keep your hands warm and toasty in the winter.

Flannel scarf
There is bound to be at least 1 pair of flannel pants that you no longer need nor want to use in your household. Instead of leaving them in the drawer, why not remodel them to form a more trendy scarf that you could use in colder weathers? It is a surefire way to gain an instantly chic look on your outfit, plus it is a great alternative to the otherwise plain-looking scarves you get elsewhere.

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