Dinner parties are the ideal gathering for any time of year because they’re held indoors, allowing you to focus on just a few rooms, so there’s less work when decorating and preparing. We all love to find a reason to throw a small, intimate and fabulous home party if possible.

Get your home ready for a dinner party in just a few days by following this handy guide to cleaning and setting up space.

Declutter first
You can quickly go through some items in the common area where it needs to be tossed. This makes it easier to arrange and organize. Draft papers, receipts or anything no longer in use should be thrown out immediately.

Start at the entry
Welcome your guests as soon as they arrive- it doesn’t have to be perfect but do have a place to keep their jacket or a place to put their shoes.

Don’t forget the bathroom
Freshen up your bathroom with a quick wipe down of table counter, sink and the toilet bowl. Spritzing some air freshener will also make the bathroom more inviting. Oh, and don’t forget extra tissue paper!

Ready the guest area
This is the place where your guests will hang out before dinner’s ready- its commonly the living room. Keep away toys and pending paperwork, group together stray magazines and fluff up your throw pillows. This lends a speedy trick to have everything look under control.

Prepare your linens
Now it’s the time to take out your beautiful napkins, table cloth or table runner to use. You can set the stage with hand written or printed table placing.

Bring in some help
Having a party is one of the fun activities to do, but the clean up afterwards is never desirable. Getting some help in cleaning is well-worth it so you can rest and start planning your next party!

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