Many people often overlook the maintenance required for towels as they simply think that throwing it into the washing machine along with their other clothes is sufficient. What most people don’t realize is that not properly washing your towels in the right conditions can reduce the absorbency and quality of your towel very quickly. This article will tell you the most optimal conditions that will not only retain the quality of the towel but will also extend its lifespan.

Wash Before Use
More often than not, when you first purchase a towel, it may be covered in a silicone substance from packaging as a finish. The substance usually acts as a waterproof barrier that should be removed so the towel is able to have maximum absorbency.

Wash Separately
As such, it’s much better to wash your towels separately from your other clothes as you shouldn’t be putting softener like how you would with the rest of your clothes. It’s ideal to wash them every 3-4 days and to use hot water for white towels and warm water for colored towels.

Detergent, Vinegar, and Baking Soda.
While adding detergent to your load of towels, it’s effective to also throw in a cup of white vinegar to help remove odors and set the colours for coloured towels. Half a cup of baking soda will also help to remove the mustiness and dampness that comes from really sweaty towels. However, using baking soda should not be done every wash.

Cycle Through Them!
It’s important to preserve the durability of towels and the best way to do that is to cycle them through other towels after every wash. Once washed and dried, fold your towels away and bring out the ones right at the back of your cupboard. This will definitely help your towels to last longer and retain its absorbency throughout its lifetime

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