Many people usually overlook how often bed sheets should actually be washed, leaving them for weeks, even months before they decide to change them. Bed sheets are home to dead skin cells and sweat which is an inviting space for dust mites, mold, or even bed bugs! It’s so important to change and wash your bed sheets properly to preserve the health of both yourself and your mattress. If you have no idea where to start, here are a few top tips when washing your bed sheets!

Wash your sheets once a week
Every 7 days is a good cycle to stick by when changing and washing your bed sheets. There are a million skin cells that flake off throughout your sleep that get caught on your sheets along with the accumulation of your sweat during the night. Wash them and you’ll feel much better!

Wash them separately!
Sheets need a decent amount of room to get clean so bundling them together with the rest of your sheets or clothes is not an effective way to get them clean. However, if you do want to wash your sheets together with other clothes, make sure they are the same colour and are lightweight.

Watch your washer settings.
Cotton sheets are extremely common and can be washed on any type of cycle. Darker sheets should be washed with cool water to prevent it from fading. Make sure to read the read the label on your sheets if there are any other specific instructions for them. Note: Over washing can also damage sheets!

Follow the drying suggestions on the label.
It’s common for people to just throw their sheets into the dryer to blast away but high drying temperatures can cause shrinkage, wrinkling, and over drying which can damage your sheets. Toss in your rubber drying balls to make sure your sheets dry evenly.

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