Why does jeans use metal zippers?


Both jeans and zippers were created a long time ago and both have benefited humanity for a long time. Jeans orginally made with denim now come with a variety of shapes, sizes and colors have been a fashion trend among teenagers and young adults since their creation. Whereas, zippers since its inception has helped mankind fastening stuff especially their jeans. So, why do jeans usually use metal zippers?


Jeans were made for heavy duty work


Originally, jeans were worm for harsh and cruel working environments. Throughout history and artworks, jeans can be seen being worn by workers. In the 17th centuary denim jeans were a crucial textile for working people in Northern Italy. Besides that, dungaree jeans were often referred as cheap , coarse thick cotton cloth worm by impoverished people in Bombay, India. Furthermore, jeans can be seen in the history of textile trade, Genoese sailors used jean to cover and protect their goods on the docks from the weather. Metal which are usually durable and have resistance to wear and tear were used as the material for zippers to fasten the jeans.


Metal adds elegance.

Metal zippers adds elegance to a product. As zippers come in various styles and materials including copper, aluminium, nickel and many more manufacturers and designers are spoilt for choice when choosing the perfect zip for their jeans. Some zippers also feature unique element finishes which make them more appealing and outstanding compared to other zippers.



Durable and flexible


Unlike other type of materials such as plastic, metal zips are comparatively more durable and able to withstand harsh conditions such as heavy washing and other situations that come with wear and tear. In most cases, the metal zipper will remain functional and intact whereas the material of the jean would have aged. Unless you’re super strong or using machines, it is almost impossible to break off metal zip teeth which makes them the ideal material for making zippers for jeans. Lastly, metal zips do not stretch and able to withstand great amounts of pressure from wearers without breaking or changing shape compared to zippers made with other materials.

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