We all could benefit greatly from an active lifestyle, with regular exercise and good healthy food. Nourishing the body and mind are so important to maintain a clear and positive outlook.

If you’ve been attempting a more fitness and wellness lifestyle- keep up the great job! We know it isn’t easy to get ourselves to the gym AND resisting a cool chocolate cake after.

It’s also no secret that work out clothes are expensive so we have to take care of them so they will last longer. Keep these tips in mind:

Don’t keep your sweaty gym clothes in the bag

No matter how tired we are, it is good practise to immediately remove our sweaty gym clothes from the bag to the wash. Allowing dirty clothes to gather for days will make stains set or have fabric discoloration.

Air dry your work out clothes
Letting your gym clothes dry in the sun is highly recommended as the dryer’s heat can distort the fabric. Your work out clothes will also have a fresh sunny smell that is welcoming as it is comforting.

Don’t forget washing the gym bag as well!
Over time your gym bag will slowly absorb residue sweat and body oil from your work out clothes. Make sure to include the bag into your wash to have a bag that is odourless and clean! Secure all zips to avoid snagging other items in the wash.

Hand wash to prolong the elasticity
Although it’s easier to toss everything into the washing machine and think about dinner, your workout clothes will stand a better chance of longer life span if you hand wash instead. Handwashing doesn’t take much time-just fill up a basin, add detergent and mix, submerge the garment for a light soak, swirl around and rinse thoroughly.

Caring for your workout clothes help make them go further. Too tired? Drop off your gym apparel at any Pressto outlet for an express laundry wash!

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