Doing laundry during rainy days


The rainy season is back again and messes up our laundry routine it does. It ruins our drying schedule, high humidity and moisture in the air which causes molding or making our garment smell bad due to being wet for too long. Here are some useful tips for those who have a tough time doing laundry during the rainy season.



During a rainy seasons, you cant do as many washes as before due to problems with drying times or lack of in-door drying space. Remind your family memebers to only wash articles of clothing that require immediate washing instead of those that are barely worn.

Drying your garments indoor


  • If you live in a country that has rainy seasons annually it is recommended to invest in an indoor drying line. Besides that, you can also create makeshift drying lines by stringing lines between two chairs or drying them on your towel rack in your toilet.
  • If you do decide to dry your garments indoor, you should let your garments drip dry first. This will speed up the drying process as the garments will be partially dry after being drip dried. After that, place them on hangers and put them under a fan to try. Do remember to open a window such that there is a contant supply of fresh air into the room

    • To keep the moisture levels in the room low, you can place a sack of sea salt or unrefined salt in the corner of the room you’re drying your laundry in. The salt helps to absorb the excess moisture in the room , which will reduce the risk of fungus and mould growth in your house. The sea salt can also be replaced with stack of newspapers to get the same results.
    • After few days of air drying, if you see find your collars or pockets still wet, iron them with a hot iron to dry them up.
Washing Tips


        • You should wash your dry and wet garments seperately as this will help prevent the dirt and stains from spreading.
        • To remove odour from your clothes add a few drops of vinegar to the water of your last rinse cycle as vinegar will help restrain the growth of bacteria when you dry your clothes indoor.


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