Do you know that at Pressto, we clean more than just clothing? We also clean carpets, drapes, cushions, duvets- using professional grade solution so that your items will be clear of dust and allergens. Come to think about it, every home contains many items that are fabric based and could use from a good and professional cleaning service. Since one took a lot of time and effort to secure beautiful furnishings and accents, your items deserve to be well-taken care of in order to last many more years.

You wouldn’t believe the amount of dust and dirt that are gathered in it over time!
So what are the items that you should pay special attention to? Let’s take a look :

Bedsheet + pillowcases
Having a good night sleep is so important that is worth mentioning again. Our body needs not only enough sleep hours per night, but to drift into deep sleep for the much-needed body repair. Make clean sheets and pillowcases a number one priority for you this year with regular cleaning.

Drapes/ curtains
Many of us are guilty of hanging curtains up and forgetting about it for years, but dusts and allergen gets stuck and can harm your well-being. Sending your curtains to the cleaners are most effective as we have big enough machines to accommodate the large volume of fabric. This ensures proper and thorough cleaning.

Rugs/ carpet
Carpets lend a warm, cozy and finished look to any room, but is often overlooked for cleaning beyond the vacuum. But why should you bother so much? Because lots of people also wipe their feet on carpets or rugs, making it the dirtiest piece in your house! Allow Pressto to give your carpets an intensive cleaning your health deserves.

Improve the longevity of your draperies, rugs and cushions with Pressto today!
We do home pick up and delivery as well (minimum RM100 order)

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