Laundry Service in Malaysia

Our laundry service in Malaysia offers convenience, quality, and reliability. We take pride in providing expert laundry care for your clothes and linens. With a commitment to excellence, we ensure your garments are cleaned, pressed, and ready to wear. Experience the convenience of our laundry service and enjoy fresh, clean clothes without the hassle.

Great restoration can reinstate almost any luggage! So if you have any damaged suitcase or luggage that needs to be repaired, get it fixed right with us. Pressto will definitely bring your luggage back to life.

We aim to provide the best solution that you can find to fix and restore your favorite luggage and suitcase. Our specialists are well-equipped with all the needed tools and parts to fix every part of a suitcase from top to bottom. Be it a handle or wheelset replacement, stuck zipper, luggage locks, bottom stand, or strap buckles, we have got you covered this time, and we are capable of replacing it with the new quality* parts!

Luggage restoration services include:

  • Wheel replacement – set or single wheel
  • Wheel cover only
  • Trolley handle – the whole set
  • Trolley handle – top cover parts
  • Trolley handle – Inside parts
  • Side or top carry handle
  • Key Lock – with or without Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
  • Combination lock
  • Zip puller
  • Zip head – with or without padlock
  • Backpack buckle
  • Bottom stand
  • Zip stitching
  • Fabric stitching

Share your damaged luggage pictures with our team at 010-2038325 or 010-2138325.

*All replacement parts done by Pressto are covered by a 12-month warranty from the date of delivery to our customers. Once the part has been replaced, the warranty contract will automatically terminate