You’ve probably heard it all before, but a good night’s sleep really is the key to a healthier lifestyle. And if you’ve tried eating better, buying trendy accessories or even redecorating your bedroom but still struggle to get quality shut-eye, then consider upgrading your beddings too.

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But contrary to popular belief, high thread counts are not the only thing to base your purchases on. The origin of the fabric is also important. Tip: With cotton, for example, Egyptian is seen as the most exclusive. Furthermore, the length of the fibre and the treatment are just as, if not more important. 

What kind of finish you should choose, whether it’s crisp or silky, is down to your personal preference. Now that you know what to look for, your bedroom upgrade can officially begin.


Sferra was the first company to use Giza 45, the highest-grade Egyptian cotton woven from extra long staple fibre, in its bed linen. Attention to detail is key: bed linens are generously sized to allow for shrinkage and a luxurious turnback on flat sheets; fitted sheets are cut deep with a giving elastic so it’s never a struggle to fit them on the mattress; and duvet covers come with internal corner ties to keep them in place.


Sheridan has been creating beautiful Australian living since 1967. Premium quality, artistry and craftsmanship, and created textiles using the finest materials is essential to them, which still remain as their core focus today.

Beaumont & Brown

Their five-star, hotel quality linens – 300- and 400-thread count mercerised long staple cotton percale – comprise sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases as well as bedding sets in neutral colours.


Frette has been dressing the beds of the discerning since 1860 – their long list of respectable clientele include some 500 members of various European royal families. Their wide range of bed linens are made in Italy with long or extra-long staple cotton between 200 and 1000 thread count. They come in various feels including crisp percale and silky sateen.

Rivolta Carmignani

The epitome of refinement, Rivolta Carmignani bed linens are made exclusively in Italy. Still family owned after an impressive five generations, the company originally created linens for European aristocrats complete with heraldic crests.

Care for your bedding

When cleaning and washing your bedding, understand care label is important for not damaging. Setting limit as only one complete bedding set or one duvet insert per wash, so that this will allow your bedding to be thoroughly and evenly cleaned.

It is best to wash both cotton and linen bedding in cold water using a gentle cycle and a mild detergent. For best result, cleaning bed sheets and duvet covers by themselves only, mixing them with garment with zips, hooks can cause snagging.

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pressto ultimate care for luxury bedding

Gentle cycles and mid detergents are recommended, as fast cycles and blench-based products can be damaging to fabrics. And because hot water can shrink fibres, warm water temperatures on cleaning is always preferable. When it comes to coloured bedclothes, cleaning them inside is good way to prevent colour fading.


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