Minimalistic watches have been slowly making its way into mainstream fashion, capitalizing on the lack of apertures, sub dials, bezels, jewels, and the other complexities that gives a watch a dual purpose. A watch face with a clean, simple, and elegant look is now what many people look for – something that doesn’t stand out too much but just enough for you to take a second look. There are different styles to minimalistic watches that allow it to vary in comfort and durability but people often get lost in the vast options that different manufacturers provide. However, here is a compilation of the top minimalistic watches for someone having a hard time with picking the perfect one for them.

Daniel Wellington
DW watches are one of the most recognizable and distinguished brands in the fashion industry that holds their minimalistic watches at the forefront of their brand. Being neither too light nor too heavy, these watches can be matched with nearly any outfit as its neutral colours allow it to be very versatile. However, these watches are considered to be very expensive and with the price you’re paying, it only happens to have a glass window instead of sapphire crystal window, which is what most watch manufacturers opt to have as it makes a watch extremely durable.

Skagen Klassik Silver
The “business meeting” watch that is, without fail, one of the top go-to options for minimalist watches. Being decently priced with natural colours, it makes this watch a perfect gift for family or friends – it’s hard to go wrong with this one.

Stührling Original
Smart and sleek, this watch tops the durability charts as it has a shatter resistant Krysterna crystal dial window. Fitting for any formal outfit, this watch is reasonably priced, considering the level of durability that it holds over other minimalistic watches.

Timex Easy Reader
With a well-designed face, this Timex watch fits both casual and formal wear. With a tasteful approach to minimalism, the watch is incredibly attractive and not to mention very comfortable on the wrist.

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