Counting down to the days where you’ll be off sipping daiquiris’ and hopping train stations? Once the initial planning of flight tickets and hotel are booked, come the other half of the planning. We do the most planning at home so we can kick up our shoes and just enjoy the trip once we touch down.

Here we’ve compiled this list in helping you prepare for your upcoming trip, for those who don’t know where to start.

Know your destination, itinerary and weather

With so much weather uncertainty these days, it’s no longer enough to know that August is Summer in northern regions. You can expect heavy rain sometimes, so it is always wise to check the forecast a week before departure for any changes. By understanding weather conditions, you can plan your day and evening activities more confidently.

Plan ahead your mix & match
Luggage space is a prized commodity and everything you choose to bring needs to have a function or else you’ll bring too many unnecessary things. Overweight baggage can be costly and it’s more fun to shop on destination anyway. One way to reduce your belongings are to ensure everything matches with each piece. To do so, you may want to choose a base colour and everything else will revolve and match with it.

But remember- bring half the clothes, but twice the money!
This saying couldn’t have rung any truer. We will no doubt bring back some items from our trip and its helpful to have some luggage space to accommodate them. Also in order to have fun and not stress too much, it’s best to have more money to cover emergencies or special treats as well.

Don’t forget to let loose and have fun exploring.
Sometimes the best experiences are unplanned or happen in a rather serendipity way. Don’t let a full or rigid itinerary ruin your trip. Take a risk and let your findings surprise you. Even if it doesn’t, you’ll have a good story to tell as well.

Always be safe and take extra precaution
Being in a foreign country has its benefits and excitement, but don’t let it allow you to take a lax approach to safety. Always be aware of your surroundings and be mindful if someone is following you. Do not stay out too late if you feel unsafe.

Too tired once you got home? Remember you can always drop off or schedule a pick up for your laundry after your holidays!

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