Pressto Recycling Heroes

Besides delivering premium services to you with quality, Pressto is also committed to doing business with responsibility and accountability. 

We are always looking for ways to make a difference in our community and our environment. 

Why Recycle

An analysis of Asia’s worst ocean polluters shows that Malaysians are the biggest individual consumers of plastic packaging.

To do our part in caring for our environment we like to encourage our community to minimize plastic waste to our environment.

Hence, Pressto Malaysia is proud to announce the launch of
Pressto Recycling Heroes in partnership with I-CYCLE Malaysia, a local solutions provider of waste separation & recycling.

We are committed to achieving a circular economy where every material used can have a second life. And we hope that you,  our valued customers and community will be inspired to take this meaningful action, and start recycling use of plastic.


Accepted Waste Formats (For Reference)

How to Recycle

Pressto Reward Points

Return Pressto hanger (green and coat hanger) and get X5 Pressto Points during this campaign period.

Points can be redeemed on your next transaction when you use Pressto service. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can you tell us about your commitment?

At Pressto, we worry about the effects of plastic pollution have on nature, the land and sea. We want to focus on a circular economy, where most materials used can go on to have a second life. We want to make recycling accessible to everyone.

2. Why? Where does this commitment come from?

Our end product always comes with plastic; therefore, we want to make greater effort to reduce plastic and other waste. We’re changing the way we think about plastic and packaging so we can work towards being the most sustainable brand we can be. 

3. Recycle is it just a trend?

Our impact on the environment has always been a major concern, especially in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. We want to make a real effort and tackle it as a problem but not a trend.

4. What does Pressto Recycle Heroes mean?

We can make a bigger impact together, by doing our part in our daily life through recycling.

5. How do I recycle with Pressto?

Just bring your dry, clean and used plastic bags, covers, paper bags, Pressto or Non-Pressto hangers, when your do dry cleaning or laundry with us at any of Pressto outlets.

6. How long is this recycling program run?

This is a long-term program. You can send your recycle waste to us anytime.

7. Can I bring my old clothes for recycling?

You may bring old clothes to this recycling program. You will receive a receipt on your donation from our front counter staff. All old clothes handed to Pressto are solely belongs to our partner, iCYCLE. Pressto reserves the right to decline big wate items, wet and dirty items.

8. Can I recycle other things such as mineral water bottles or magazine?

Right now we do not accept mineral bottles and magazine etc. 

9. Do I need to clean the plastic bags or covers before bringing it to the outlet?

Yes, please clean and keep the plastic or paper waste dry when you bring it to the outlet for recycling. We do not accept dirty and wet plastic covers, bags or paper bag.

10. What is the reward system for this recycling campaign?

For every Pressto hanger return to front counter staff, we will reward you with 5 points. (currently 1 point = 1 Pressto hanger). Duration of extra points reward system is from March to 15th April 2020.

There will be no point given by returning plastic or donate old clothes, but we welcome you to send it to us. Our partner iCycle Malaysia, a local solutions provider of waste separation and recycling management will fully handle all recycling waste from Pressto Asia.

11. How do I track my points and redeem my reward?

Your points will be reflected on your receipt. You can proceed to redeem or accumulate points. No minimum redemption limit for every transaction, but points payment cannot be made in partially.

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