There’s no other way of saying it- a too-busy life makes a messy home too. But there are simple hacks to ensure your house is in clean slate most of the time. We’ve compiled a few handy tips that will make cleaning up easy and effortless!

Have a cleaning bucket ready
We love to find excuses when it comes to cleaning, even more so for us who are not keen cleaners! By having a handy cleaning bucket ready, we can easily wash or wipe down dirty areas in a jiffy. Your cleaning bucket can contain solutions unique to your situation. Common items may include, a mini broom & dustpan, rags, glass cleaner, baking soda, old toothbrush, and scourer/ scrub.

Clear the sink every night
It’s energizing to wake up to a clear kitchen in the morning. While we’re still groggy and in a morning daze, a tidy kitchen keeps hazards away. Washing dishes are a ritual to some- where you can mull over the day’s happening or saying gratitude’s when the day’s coming to an end.

Do a load of laundry at night
Don’t let your dirty laundry take over the house- it provides the ideal home for mites, dust and lots of germ! Before going to bed, run a load of laundry so that it’s ready to be hung up in the morning.

Don’t want to do your laundry? Gather your garments and beddings ready to be picked up over the weekend by Pressto! That way it’ll save you more time for the fun stuffs.

Clean as you go
Some simple things can easily be multi-tasked- wipe sink as you are brushing your teeth, scrub the tiles while taking a shower, wipe down kitchen counter while you are filling a water pitcher, folding your laundry while you are watching television are some of the activities our mother have told us about.

These are just some of the things you can do to make your mornings less frazzled, always have clean clothes to wear while keeping the germs at bay.

Have a productive week ahead, guys!

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