Sometimes we’re inspired to start editing down the wardrobe, but most of the times we’re prompted to edit when things start getting out of hand. Take this time to start fresh and new with a thorough spring cleaning of your wardrobe this month. You’ll never know what treasures lurk in there until you dive in.

Remove every content from your wardrobe(s) one section at a time
To avoid being overwhelmed by the task, do one area at a time whether it’s your wardrobe, drawer or shelf. Remove every single item, give the drawer a wipe down, and evaluate whether each piece should remain or to donate them.

Don’t forget the accessories like shoes and jewelleries.
Small items tend to grow and multiply, so it’s understandable that this corner gets messy in a short period of time. Again, we separate the piles between keep or toss for orphaned pairs or damage pieces.

Using same hangers will create a unified and neat look.
If budget allows, invest in quality hangers. Not only it will give your wardrobe a boutique vibe, but its gentler for the shoulder seams of your garment.

Clean the treasures
A blouse or dress that you forgot all about and still in love with it? Pieces that looks and makes us feel beautiful deserves that space in our closet. Give them a thorough clean and press so you can start enjoying them again!

Drop off your treasured garments to Pressto for a fresh clean and press.
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