Some days are made for sweaters. Picture this: you are bored of your usual casual clothes, or you simply want an alternative to a vest that goes along with your suit. What better way to spice things up than to throw in the perfect sweater? They are flexible with a number of other outfits, relatively fashionable, and most importantly, comfortable! Hence, to help you out with your sweater picking for days like this, we have compiled a list of sweaters that you could put on to fit your every need.

Possibly the kind of sweater that most of you would be familiar with. Originally worn by team members in rowing, boating and crew members (hence why is called “crewneck), this sweater is especially popular compared to the others. It is usually worn as casual wear, so you can definitely wear them whenever you feel like it!

V Neck
V-neck sweaters are really a stylish alternative to the otherwise plain-looking crewneck. You can recognise them by the cut out V at the neckline, which is great for keeping you cool and enhancing your height. If you pair this with a shirt and tie, it allows you to show off the tie as an open collar in casual environments; definitely a very flattering look that should be worn more often.

Shawl Collar
Personally one of our favourites! The shawl collar is easily recognisable by the extra fabric wrapped around the neck for comfort and warmth, and is commonly seen in cardigans. A key reason why they are great, is their flexibility as casual or formal wear. You can wear them with a polo shirt inside as casual wear, or wear a dress shirt beneath as formal wear.

Sweater vest
If you want a more comfortable alternative for a vest for your suit, sweater vests are perfect for that! Similar to v-necks, they essentially just lack the sleeves, so you can easily wear them over your dress shirt as a replacement vest. Pair them up with a blazer, and you are ready to go!

Roll Neck
Quite often confused with a turtleneck sweater, a roll neck is really like a half-breed between a turtleneck and a crew neck. You can usually tell the difference by its high collar with the edge rolled a bit. It also serves as a pretty great alternative to casual wear should you want a break from the hoodies and t-shirts from your wardrobe.

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