Nobody likes a crusty, musty, moldy, stale smelling towel. When your towel has reached the end of its life, it will no longer have its fluffy and soft nature after washing. This is the time to get rid of it. With a new towel in your possession, you may be wondering how you might be able to increase its lifespan. Keeping it smelling and feeling fresh is as easy as pie and words cannot describe the kind of durability your new towel will have after following these tips.

Do not overuse detergent
The use of too much detergent will overflow your machine, preventing your towels from being properly rinsed. This will cause a buildup of soapy residue on your towels which may lead to a mold growth and bad odor if left for long periods of time. Use the minimum and let your machine do the rest!

Don’t wash your towels with clothes
Washing your towels with too many clothes leaves not enough room for the machine to work on your significantly dirtier towels. Wash your towels and lint fabrics separately to ensure a solid and clean wash. Additionally, the materials of your other clothes such as a zipper or velcros may snag onto your towels during the wash, pulling and damaging the fibres, making them more ineffective at absorption.

Don’t use fabric softener
Absolutely do not use fabric softeners with your towels! Softeners will coat your towels, making them water repellent which is the opposite of its intended function. Once they become less absorbent, they become useless! Alternatively, you could instead use a cup of white vinegar every six weeks that will help in restoring its absorbency.

Never use cold water – use either warm or hot water
Hot water is definitely recommended to kill all the germs in your towels but be sure to read the tag on your towel. If you’re unsure, it’s no problem to stick with warm water as it works best with detergent as the optimum temperature for it to properly wash out dirt and grime. Additionally, using half a cup of baking soda will help to loosen up larger chunks of residue, making your towels softer, eliminating nasty odors.

Do not wash your towels too often
Keeping your towels in rotation with each other prevents the weakening of the fibres in your towel as you would not have to wash them too often.

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