Top 5 Reasons You should go for dry cleaning


Recently dry cleaning services has been gaining popularity as the go to service for laundry needs. This not just a trend but due to the many amazing benefits that can be gained from using dry cleaning services over normal laundry services.


Reason 1: It is the best stain remover


Through dry cleaning even stubborn stains can be easily removed. With the use of complex procedures and stain removal chemicals to remove stain. So fret no more when you’re eating those yummy greasy food! Besides that, dry cleaners also specialize in repairing clothing that are damaged from water and smoke damages. Lastly with ozone generators, dry cleaners are able to remove odors that are trapped in your clothing.


Reason 2: It extends the life of your garments


Compared to a normal where you just throw your clothing inside the laundromat, in a dry cleaner your clothes will be handled with care by the professionals. They have the knowledge that which solution is best for which clothing material, stains and many more! Besides that, dry cleaners also provide after services such as inspections where they will make sure your clothing is up to their expectations. If there is a problem, the garment will be sent back to receive further attention from the staff.

Protip: Dry cleaners will also replace buttons that are loose or missing.


Reason 3: Upholstery


Dry cleaners are not just clothing specialist but also excellent in taking care of textile too. Some dry cleaners take in request to clean curtains, bed sheets and even upholstery for furniture. Some dry cleaners even head to your homes with their hi-tech equipment to help you clean upholstery and drapes.


Reason 4: Convenience


Unlike going to a laundromat or using a washing machine at home, all you need to do is drop off your dirty clothes and the dry cleaners will do everything for you! Furthermore some dry cleaners like us Pressto even have a delivery and pick-up system where we will come to your house and pick up your dirty clothes and delivery them back to you clean. So just by sending it to a dry cleaner, you’ll be able to have more time to spend for your own needs such as going to the gym , reading a book or picking up a new skill.


Reason 5: Wet cleaning


Wet cleaning is a gentle form of cleaning that cleaners will apply if the material of the clothing is sensitive such as wool, silk or linen. It gives dry cleaners more options and flexibility with items that maybe damaged through the means of normal dry cleaning.

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