If your washing machine just broke down or you’ve just moved in to a new place you’re probably in the market for a new washing machine.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the advantages and disadvantages of each type of washing machine and let you decide which type of machine is more suited to you and your living needs!

Top loading washing machine




    • They usually have larger capacities compared to front loaders while some models are able to hold up to 10kg of laundry.
    • Energy efficient when washing in cold water.
    • Top loaders saves time as they much faster cycle time of 15 to 30 minutes while front loaders uses up to an hour to complete one cycle. This is due to the clothes are constantly immersed in water.
    • You can also add extra laundry half way through when the washing cycle has begun.
    • Does vibrations compared to front loader.
    • If you’re getting traditional top loaders, you’re able to find its control panel easy to understand and use.



      • Not stackable like front loaders
      • They use a lot more water and detergent during their wash cycles.
      • Creates a lot more lint compared to front loaders due to friction of clothes during the wash cycle.
      • Usually louder than front loaders
      • Less efficient if warm water is used.
Front loading washing machine




      • More energy efficient when using warm water and less detergent due to their horizontal drum that uses gravity to tumble the clothes during washing cycle.
      • Uses up to 50% less water compared to a top loader (depends on model and specifications)
      • Can be stacked on top of one another to save space
      • Quieter compared to top loaders
      • Does not create much lint
      • Due to its high spin speeds, it is able to extract moisture from the clothing and help users cut down on drying time.
      • More functions compared to top loaders such as different choices of washing cycles and adding steam to washing cycle.



      • Takes a longer time to complete washing
      • Usually have smaller capacities compared to top loaders
      • Can’t add extra laundry in half way through the washing cycle unless you have special models of front loaders
      • Due to its design, water might be trapped in its washtub and detergent dispensers and cause odours to emit.
      • Usually more expensive as it is usually more high tech than top loaders.


From the given advantages and disadvantages above it can be seen that for small families or people living by themselves it is recommended to get a top loader as it is usually cheaper. Even though a front loader is more cost effective in the long run, we should consider our own household needs and budget before rushing out to get one.

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