Accessories are part and parcel of any outfit. Without them, our outfits are a little less stylish and hard to pull off. They help us accentuate and emphasise certain parts of our body, making us look and feel a lot greater when dressing up! Thus, to help preserve and keep your favourite accessories in their tip top shape, we have put together a small, but helpful list to aid you in your accessory care.

Generally, you should ensure that your watch is free of any dirt or dust so it can function properly. You can do this by using a wet cloth to wipe down the bands and clean the watch face. If your watch is waterproof, you can also soak it in some soap and water to loosen any dirt. Depending on the type of watch you have, you should also have it serviced every 2-3 years for mechanical watches, or 3-4 for quartz watches.

When wearing a necklace, be sure to avoid snagging it on any other surface as it might damage the chain. You should also aim to clean the chain with a jewellery wipe, hence preventing it from rusting over. Furthermore, you could also use a jewellery bath to clean the jewel and chain to keep it shiny!

To clean your belt, be sure to use a banister brush covered with soap to lightly scrub the belt on both sides before rinsing with water. To dry, you could opt to hang it out to sun dry (though not in direct exposure), or dry it with a hairdryer not less than 15 cm away from the belt. This would help avoid the drying out of the belt, especially if it is made of leather. To avoid wearing out your belt, have at least 2 different belts that you could alternate every day.

Leggings are very delicate items. If you own a pair, be sure to be careful when washing them, as they can easily rip apart. Wash them only when necessary, and turn them inside out when you do to wash any dirt or dust inside. Avoid using fabric softener on them, and use your washing powder sparingly on them.

Ladies, if you own a leather or canvas bag, it is wise to treat them before beginning to use them. You shouldn’t clean them to regularly (as this will wear them out much faster), but do try to use spot treatments or brush it when it gets dirty over time. When hanging your handbag after a day out, remember to store them away in a dry, cool place so as to keep them in tip top condition.

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