What is wet cleaning?


In our previous article, we talked about dry cleaning and its origins. In this article, we’re going to be talking about what is wet cleaning and the process of wet cleaning. Generally, dry cleaning is the process of cleaning garments using a liquid solvent instead of using water whereas wet cleaning avoids the use of chemical solvents in their process. Dry clean was used over wet cleaning because some materials like cotton, wool and linen cannot be washed with water.

However with the improvement in technology and also awareness of solutions such as perchloroethylene (PEC) and petro chemicals that are volatile used in dry cleaning, companies began looking for a safer and environmental friendly way of cleaning garments which resulted in specialized equipment specifically for wet cleaning processes.


Difference between household and professional wet cleaning.


 Like a normal washing machine, professional wet cleaning machines uses water in its cleaning process. However professional wet washing machines comes with various programmes and functions that control all the elements of the cleaning process such as amount of water, solvents, detergents and even temperature.  Professional wet cleaning machines can be set to have more delicate spin cycles reducing forceful mechanical movement of the linen making them able to wash more delicate garments.  To prevent shrinkage of the garments, the machine will also set itself to wash in a lower temperature and less mechanical movements for a few moments.

Instead of drying on a clothes line, in a professional wet cleaner the garments will then also be transferred to high tech dryers that can sense humidity and can dry garments quickly under pressure at high temperatures. To prevent further shrinkage, the dryer also automatically stops once the prescribe levels of moisture is reached.


Advantages of wet cleaning




Many advantages that wet cleaning had over dry cleaning was related to the use of PEC as a cleaning solvent such as:

  • Cleaners and wearers of garments do no face health risk from long term exposure to PERC
  • Wet cleaned garments do not develop yellowing that are seen by garments that are repeatedly dry washed.
  • Wet cleaned garments also do not release odours that are from the chemical solvents
  • More environmentally friendly as the backwash is not as toxic and harmful to the environment compared dry cleaning backwash.

These advantages are not as noticeable in recent times as more environmentally friendly solvents has been used by most dry cleaners such as hydrocarbons, Green Earth and Solvon K4.


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